“Trust is the most important issue for our customers in a collaboration with a supplier. They must be able to trust on commitments being upheld. Orangeworks delivers on time and offers quality. Meaning value for money.”

Koen Verstegen, Managing Director

“Our customers expect us to proactively deal with problems and translate them into creative solutions. Quality is important to them, we cannot afford to make mistakes. That has always been the basis for a long-term supplier relationship.”

Mirjam van Dijk Commercial Director Orangeworks

“Customers tell us that they appreciate our versatility and broad experience. Their entire process from engineering to operational completion, incorporating testing, adds tremendous value. Orangeworks is always actively working on new developments and improvements.”

Mark Bongers, Sr Account Manager MW

Markten markets

Developing or replacing (a part of) your production line is a complicated process. The planning and execution must be flawless, quality must be perfect and of course the investment itself also plays an important role. And it goes without saying you would like to have things taken out of your hands as much as possible. This poses no problem with the Orangeworks vertical start-up method. We offer customized solutions for various markets.

Processen processes

Depending on the product that your business produces, various processes are important. You also want to make sure that all processes are seamlessly connected and ensure the best results. With more than 45 years of experience, Orangeworks can provide you the best solutions for your business.

Vertical startup vertical start-up

With our vertical startup method, Orangeworks offers turn-key solutions. This saves you time, money and stress. In the video you will see in 2 minutes what our vertical start-up method means for you.

Orangeworks is your partner at all stages of the process. Our project organization consists of engineering, manufacturing, assembly, shipping, supervision and aftercare. In short: we manage your project from A to Z. Read more

Voordelen benefits

Thanks to our experience, approach and the vertical start-up method, you benefit from many advantages over a regular approach. Do you have a question or do you want to experience what Orangeworks can mean for you? Then contact us.

Total concept

Orangeworks delivers where necessary custom solutions. Quality is always our top priority. In addition, we will take as much out of your hands as possible. That gives a peace of mind.


Thanks to the vertical start-up method, where testing is an essential part, we ensure the process equipment works as planned when it's installed. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we know your needs and we develop creative solutions that work best for you.


Because our processes and departments are seamlessly aligned, we can work efficiently with clear deadlines. You do not run the risk of suppliers waiting for each other and causing delay, with negative financial consequences.