"Every day is another challenge, because customers are always coming up with new demands. And those customers come from everywhere. For example, I have already been able to build a machine in France. That's how to get around and at the same time do interesting work! What else would I want?"

Piet Groothusen, RVS Specialist bij Orangeworks

work at

At Orangeworks you never stand alone. Our team members work well together and easily find each other if questions arise. We take up challenges together, we share ideas and solutions with all of the colleagues. 'Just going to work' is not good enough for us. We think it's important that you go back with enthusiasm and devotion every day. That is the only way we can provide the best quality for our customers.

Every day is different

Orangeworks develops procesequipment for the​ food industry. Our customers are all over the world. That means that you, as an​ Orangeworks employee, sometimes work with the customer for a few weeks abroad. Or, depending on your function​, you have contact with customers in, for example, America or the Middle East. No project and no day is the same.

We offer you this​

We have challenging career opportunities for​​ every level. Working at Orangeworks means a lot of independence, responsibility and variety. We give you the space to develop or further specialize​ in your area of expertise​.

Orangeworks offers you a dynamic work environment with plenty of space for your own initiative and personal commitment. Within our team there is a lot of collegiality and a no-nonsense approach. In addition, we offer a market-grade salary and good secondary working conditions, such as travel expenses and a ​year-end bonus.

Who are we?

Orangeworks, based in the Netherlandsl, has been active for almost 50 years in the engineering and construction of installations for the international food industry. We provide our customers with quality equipment and try to take managing these projects out of their hands as much as possible. ​

​Additionally we aim to continue to develop and improve as a company. Many of the parts we produce ourselves. At the moment we employ more than 80 permanent employees. Orangeworks has grown considerably in recent years and wants to continue to do so. And we need you!


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